Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween - Smiffy Style

Hello faithful blog followers (that I had to e-mail because it's been so damn long since I blogged!). Hope this finds you all well and enjoying fall (or the beginning of winter if you're in Alaska).

Performed the annual ritual of carving the pumpkin last night - with a new twist. Proving that anything done with a power tool is more fun, Dustin "carved" our pumpkin with his drill. This was quite fun for us spectators as pumpkin guts sprayed all over. However, the boys had chosen a slightly more intricate design this year, a bat hanging from a branch, so Dustin still had to put the finishing touches on with his super-duper-schmooper sharp knife. The end result was quite impressive.

We also talked the boys into actually making costumes this year instead of going to Walmart and just buying a pre-made costume. Connor will be an alien and Austin will be a vampire bat. So the other night Dustin applied a TON of HVAC duct tape, which is very shiny, to a vest, pants and baseball cap. The baseball cap was also adorned with the requisite alien antennae made from aluminum foil on top of springs. Austin and I cut out some bat wings from brown material and sewed them onto the back of his vest and his shirt sleeves. I then sewed some "ears" onto his brown baseball cap to top off one very adorable bat ensemble.

Finally, my friend Nicole and I planned our strategy for Halloween night. We've chosen a neighborhood to "attack" and Nicole dug out the thermoses for some hot chocolate with peppermint schnops! Halloween will be fun and warm for the adults as well as the kids this year! I'm actually really looking forward to trick-or-treating!

Happy Halloween! :)