Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lucky Strikes Again!

Bet you're wondering why I haven't blogged in a month and a half huh? Welllllll, even if you haven't been wondering I'll tell you.....I took a break (gasp!)!. And I've been on vacation (double gasp!)! At any rate....I thought of something funny to write about the other day and I have now harnessed the ambition to actually sit down and do it.

Lucky is my mom's cat....that think's he's a person.....with more personality than most people I know. Among his many "quirks" is a serious hair tie fetish and a need to sleep on my mom's face. In addition, Lucky has poo bear. That's right, not Pooh Bear, poo bear. Apparently when he was a kitten my mom put this little red teddy bear in the box with Lucky and he of course pooped on it. After a thorough washing, Lucky and poo bear became best buds. Now we find poo bear all over the house. The other night he was skinny dipping in the toilet and I almost peed on him. Occasionally he makes it into the dog water dish but that's only if he feels like bathing in plain sight (or when Lucky is trying to irritate Sandy, the dog). Poo bear is well-traveled and obviously very forgiving.

Until next time my friends!!