Monday, October 15, 2012


Yikes! It's been over 2 weeks since I blogged.  Really sorry if there are folks out there who check regularly to see what's up in our neck of the woods.  Although in my defense, there hasn't really been anything exciting to report.  School, work, sleep, school, work, sleep.  That's about it. 

My current favorite blogger, Katy Wolk-Stanley occasionally writes what she calls a mishmash.  This is where she focuses a little bit on this and a little bit on that.  After reading her blog this morning I decided I had enough material to do a mishmash as well.

1.  Austin gave me a wonderful chuckle the other day when he asked, "Mom, do you know what I wear every single day?"  Of course my first thought was his birthday suit, but that wasn't it.  So I asked, "What do you wear every single day Austin?"  And his reply....."My awesomeness!"  Something I think we should all remember each morning.  Today I am putting on my awesomeness :)

2.  We got our very first little dusting of snow on the ground back on September 30th.  We got our PFD's (Permanent Fund Dividend, i.e. money for living in Alaska) on October 4th.  We decided this year we were going to really enjoy an Alaska winter as we're supposed to get even more snow than last year.  So on October 13th, we bought our first snowmobile!  It's a vintage 1981 Yamaha 300 that is perfect for the boys!  And get this, our good friend Austin Earns brought it out to the house in his truck and when he pulled into the driveway, it started snowing hard!  We got almost an inch :)  Talk about a great start to winter.  We also found a slamming deal on a Ski-doo 500 Summit for Dust and I yesterday.  Both are older sleds but run great and will provide endless hours of entertainment for all. 

3.  We put a propane heater in the living room (2nd floor) which completes our preparations for a nice cozy winter nestled into our house (when we're not snowmobiling!)  We have lots of wood stacked out back for the woodstove, lots of propane in the tanks and lots of fun stuff to do indoors.  Bring it on Mother Nature!!

Hope this finds you all enjoying fall (or winter if that's the case) and ready for some winter fun.