Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ahhhh, the Fair

In Montana there are fairs all summer long.  Just where we lived there was the Missoula fair, the Kalispell fair and the Plains fair.  In Alaska........there is 1.  But it's a doozy!  The last several years we haven't had a lot of money to spend at the fair so it was usually a pretty subdued experience, but this year we were a little more flush so we had A LOT more fun. 

We started out walking by all the vendors, ooohhing and ahhhing over hot tubs (me), snowmobiles and 4-wheelers (Austin and Connor), mini back massagers (Dustin) and construction equipment (Noah).  Then we hit the food trail.  Oh how we reveled.  We paid so much for food we probably could have fed a small African country for a week.  There were tamales, cheese curds, pizza and tacos followed by cotton candy, ice cream, a rootbeer float and a carmel apple.  No one walked away hungry or unsugared.

Of course rides had to be ridden.....and for your enjoyment I have included pictures :) 

No one puked! Although I came dangerously close on the carousel as it was whipping around at 0.2 miles per hour. 

Finally we toured the barns.  The kids were not impressed with the quilts or the artwork, but had a blast checking out all the animals.  They had fun petting lambs, goats, cows and bunnies.  They got to see baby chicks hatching and turkeys gobbling.  I believe Noah summed up the day best when he told a rooster who had just cock-a-doodle-doo'd, "Chicken, that was AMAZING!!"

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  1. Finally, pictures!!! Sounds like lots of fun in chilly Alaska. And what is next on the "excitement agenda" for the Smiffs?