Friday, September 28, 2012

You Don't Say......

Way back when I was in college we had to take sociology.  One of the things we learned was that each family develops its own language.  Certain phrases take on meanings that only that one particular family understands.  Just like an inside joke.  Well, as I've noticed before and again more recently, our family is no different. 

I have previously blogged about how we never call body parts by their "normal" names.  And everyone has a nickname.  Recently, our little parrot (a.k.a Noah) has started throwing out things that we can easily pinpoint back to one family member or another.  For example:

1.  "What's up homes?" (that one would be me)
2.  "Shut your face!" (Austin and Connor)
3.  "Whatcha buildin'?" (Dustin)

I also smile when he tells me, "Good choice mom!" after picking a song to play in the truck and "Sounds like a plan!" when I fill him in on the day's itinerary.  "I'm on it!" is echoed when he's asked to pick up toys or let the dogs in. 

Sadly, he's also used a few less than favorable phrases not fit for writing on a blog post about a 4-year-old.  I take responsibility for those as well.  All in all, he is quite articulate for a 4-year-old and has developed quite the sense of humor.  I think we'll keep him.

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  1. Just a few things that "make ya go hmmm??" He is pretty darn cute. Its a good thing he takes after his mom :)